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Since its establishment, the Givrex factory has been regularly developed and renewed every year using the best material, the collaboration of qualified and committed engineers and technicians as well as a selected group of experienced workers in order to guarantee permanently a distinguished level of production along the best international criteria and satisfying the constant demand of the most selective gourmets both in the international markets and the various Egyptian points of sale such as the supermarkets, hotels, clubs and other distribution points of frozen food products.

Our Givrex factory is a family corporation managed by its owner Mr. Robert Mansour and his family members, his wife Mrs. Madeleine Mansour, their son Mr. Patrick Mansour, his brother Mr. Eric Mansour respectively technically and commercially in charge, with the dynamic and efficient participation of their sister Mrs. Monique Mansour, financial controller of the Givrex factory.

The great reputation of our factory and its various products as well as the well renown Givrex trademark have been successfully acquired all over many years in the international markets where our exports covered many continents and countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Middle East and especially the European markets.

We enclose herewith a descriptive brochure explaining the great package of our specialties of various and selected products.

Mr. ROBERT G. MANSOUR, the founder of GIVREX had a long , rich and most valuable experience in the frozen foodstuffs industry since the fifties. Mr. Mansour founded his own firm GIVREX, and directed all his efforts for increasing the production output of Frozen Vegetables and Fruits year after year, and had thus managed to earn a very prominent place and the best reputation abroad as well as in Egypt for the fine quality of the different varieties of Frozen Products made available by GIVREX.
المنتجات والخدمات
Mixed Vegetables
 Ingredients: Carrots, green peas and green beans. This is a mixture of the best carrots, green peas and green beans varieties. Each of those ingredients is carefully sorted, washed, cut and then immediately frozen in order to preserve all the natural nutritive and taste characteristics.
المجموعة: الخضار المجمد
Okra (Bamia / Ladies fingers)
 Our factory produces seven various sizes of this vegetable; this operation requires a special and accurate care during the sorting operation processed manually and automatically in order to guarantee the homogeneity of each of those respective sizes. Thus, our factory Givrex is very well known...
المجموعة: البامية
Artichoke Bottoms
 Our Givrex factory was the first in Egypt to use the artichoke with some of its leaves in cup form for stuffing purposes. The fresh artichoke of small size is submitted to various phases starting respectively by the choice selection, the decortication, the size sorting and the internal mechanic...
المجموعة: الخرشوف
Zaghloul Variety Samani Variety
المجموعة: التمر
This product is composed of the best broccoli varieties which florets are washed, blanched and immediately frozen in order to preserve all their natural nutritive and taste characteristics. 
المجموعة: بروكلي
Broad Beans/ Peeled Broad Beans.
Egypt is a large producer of broad beans. The raw material reaches the factory fresh and each received batch is submitted to control. Beans are afterwards trimmed, washed, blanched, refrigerated then immediately frozen in order to preserve all their natural nutritive and taste characteristics....
المجموعة: القرنيات
Green okra
the company produce okra
المجموعة: الخضر الطازجة
Fresh cucumbers
the company produce fresh cucumbers
المجموعة: الخضروات الطازجة
Grilled Eggplants
After a strict selection of the best eggplants varieties, they are sorted, washed, cut into slices, grilled and then immediately frozen in order to preserve all their natural nutritive and taste characteristics. 
المجموعة: الخضار المجفف
نبات مغذي وغني بالحديد
المجموعة: الباذنجان


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